Individual Design

We customize the best e-bikes from Oto Cycles Bcn (AT THIS MOMENT NOT AVAILABLE) to offer an unique and individual Groove-Design.

Choose your base-bike and accesories. Racer, Cruiser or Cross. Every colour is possible.

We support you to make your own Design.

You can order your own Groove Bike: contact@staringintothegroove.com

If you want to test an e-bike, just contact us!

The Next Level

We supply the V1 from avionics. You can see this e-bike at galleries of art.

This work shows how is possible to join high tech with the nicest materials from nature and an incredible design.

We are wating for you in:

Mainburg 84048

Mörikestrasse 7

(+49) 17668197754




    Base photos from OC Bcn and Avionics

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