We have a new longboard serie!!

Feel the groove and start to roll!! >>>>> Boards


Do you want to ride on a sand track??

You kann see our last performance creation: Cycle #07# >>>>> Cycles


We have a new date for the next groovin´ shock. Save the date 20/04/2021 for the SITG Fest vol.6

We will celebrate with the best bands on stage. The first confirmations are coming...Stay tuned!


It´s time for the next level! You can already get art on wheels at SITG.

Feel the wave and ask for the V1 >>>>> E-Bikes



Because of recent development of covid-19 new date will be announced soon.

>>>>> Stay tuned!!!!



Do you want to ride a SITG performed E-Bike with a tough outfit? We are waiting for you at Mauro Viviani.

In Munich on March, 14th, 2020 >> The Experience!

#11.02.2020# (nice date)

The next level is coming soon.

We will give you the oportunity to get the most beautiful and powerful e-bike.

 >>>>>>>>> Stay tuned! 



There is already a date for the SITG Fest Vol.6! We will be on June, 24th, 2020 with the best bands on stage again.

The first confirmations are coming >> Stay tuned! 


The new SITG Board Serie calls "Rust Copper".

You can ask for the very first piece. >>>> Boards


#02.10.2019# (nice date)

LAST NEWS: Amazing!

Whael will open the SITG Fest Vol.5!!  Artic Drifter has unfortunately fallen of the schedule.

Fudge ist the last confirmation to close the event!! Liver of a Duck won't be on stage because of illness.

See you in Unter Deck!


We are working on a new longboard serie, ..called......

Stay tuned!!

Nice Video: Keep on streetsurfing!!


The Flyer for the SITG Fest Vol.5 on 03.10.2019 is already here!!

The next edition will be really crazy. On stage: Liver of a Duck, Behind the Fence and Artic Drifter



After the huge succes of the last SITG event we can not wait til next year for the next show!

There will be a new SITG Fest edition in 2019.

Stay tuned! The Flyer for the SITG Fest Vol.5  is coming


Here again!

The Flyer for the next SITG Fest edition in 2019 is already here!

At our next electric shock we will celebrate with you and your friends in Unter Deck, Munich.


Everything you can imagine is real (P. Picasso)


Successful combination of colours!!


New photos of vintage bicycles.  >>>> Cycles


Chop your bike only with nice parts.  >>>> Parts


You are unique. Your bike must be unique


Technical data of Cruiser and Racer e-bikes are updated. Choose the new engine of your life!  >>>> E-Bikes


New photos of accesories for customizing Cruiser and Racer e-bikes.  >>>> E-Bikes


The SITG Fest 2018 was really crazy!!!

Thank you to the bands Behind the Fence, SM2000, ROTLM and everybody!

We are already waiting for you on the 4th fest edition! Confirmation of the first bands are coming. Stay tuned!


The Flyer for the SITG Fest 2018 is already here!  >>>>>  FEST !!

We are waiting for you! At our 3rd fest edition we celebrate with the best rock alternative bands from Munich


We added new photos on our bikes page. Enjoy them and tell us your opinion:

Your own bike design can get every colour!


We are growing! There is a new web place for cycles and boards.

Photos from our cafe-performed cycles and longboards are coming soon.

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